Field marketing & sales services
for the offline omni-channel strategy

Leveraging more than 30 years of expertise Brandwise offers a wide array of field marketing & sales services to activate multiple touchpoints in the offline omni-channel strategy. We deliver total solutions covering strategic advise to full field deployment in which human connection is at the core to connect brand, consumers and retailers. We provide an integrated approach for both direct as indirect offline channels building on extensive data and knowledge of both consumer and retail.

Sales & merchandising, retail activation en sensory marketing are our core disciplines to bring a brand to live in the offline consumer journey. We deliver a premium, result-oriented performance through an entrepreneurial field community, a lean operational infrastructure & partner network and actionable data & technology.

Rather than data for data sake Brandwise makes use of actionable insights. By converging external data and Brandwise experience data ongoing insights are generated that form the starting point to develop result-oriented field strategies. In this way best practices and learning’s every time and again will be the source to identify new commercial opportunities and realize an effective ROI-driven field deployment.


lean operation infrastructure & partner network

With over 30 years of experience we have build a solid infrastructure and operational planning. We collaborate with en extensive network of specialized business partners like retailers, local communities, event & fair organizers and venue operators. In addition we work together with a wide selection of creative agencies, production companies en printing partners. Our project managers, planners and logistics employees have the capabilities to run a full operation efficiently following years of experience.