Sensory Marketing

Sensory Marketing

Inspire consumer choice through a personal brand experience in which all senses are activated

Every consumer is unique and would like to be approached in a way that suits them as individual. That’s why Brandwise puts the face-to-face dialogue  at the core to give brands a human face and establish an unique personal connection fitting the moment and mindset. This effectively brings the brand to live in the offline consumer journey.

Consumer need for physical product experience

A brand experience is only complete when all senses are activated. Even though the digital world provides information through video’s, tutorials and peer reviews, the need for a physical product experience will remain. Touch, smell, taste, personally experience the product, feel the texture or enjoy the taste… a fully senatorial experience in the end defines whether we eventually will buy something.

Personal inspiration

Brandwise offers sensory marketing to create consumer product experiences and complement online browsing behavior. By following the target audience in their mobility Brandwise ensures that all senses will be activated through memorable moments at places and moments when receptiveness is the highest. Carefully selected brand ambassadors will ensure the right human face for the brand and personal inspiration for a tailor-made experience.

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Inspire consumer choice through
a personal brand experience
in which all senses are activated

Sampling & promotions

Our sampling and promotion teams create direct product experiences and are brand ambassadors for your product or service. Touching, tasting or trying the brand will drive consumer purchase. This can be executed on the spot or by driving traffic towards a store nearby. Our promotion teams can be found at events, fairs or every other place or moment where the target gathers or meets.

Hospitality services

Brandwise hostesses will provide the right brand perception fitting your desired image at fairs, congresses or relationship building events. Our hosts and hostesses are ambassadors with the right feel for your style. We will deliver hostesses appealing to your customer or business relation personalities. Just deliver us your profile needs with desired languages, image and other requirements and we will provide the right host or hostess.

Consumer fairs

Brandwise will give your brand the right appeal at (consumer) fairs. We offer total solutions by creating a distinctive presence at those fairs that are relevant to you. We will provide booth staffing but can also take over you whole operation for fair participation. Effective presence at fairs will ensure a wide reach within a specific target audience.