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Brandwise provides Nestlé detailed insights in their position in the pet care channel. Our dedicated auditors visit nationally selected pet stores to accurately gather data which after analysis form the foundation for the pet care field marketing strategy.

Quality Check
The main challenge in every auditing service is to provide top quality and accuracy. Brandwise uses a mix of training, expertise and ICT infrastructure – the Quality Check and Automated Quality Check. The integrated approach in more detail:

  • Training: a thorough instruction for each auditor through an onboarding program consisting of capability building in clear communication skills (focus on open questions and judgement of answers), guided walk-through examples book and training in usage of Live Reporting (auditing system) and the 24/7 support system
  • Expertise: leveraging a strong history of auditing services Brandwise ensures to instill effectiveness through semantic formulation of questions, intelligent questionnaire set-up, quality management data gathering, data analysis and coordination of auditors
  • ICT Infrastructuur: Live Reporting is auditing software which allows to instantly gather and report POS data. Because of this direct reporting data is significantly more accurate. Pictures and videos can be embedded in the reporting to capture situational evidence. All questionnaires are tailor-made so that questions can be mandatory, open or closed, whatever will lead to the best quality of data.
  • Automated Quality Check

Data Analysis & reporting
After data gathering Brandwise will conduct tailor-made analysis and reporting. All data will be cross-checked for quality through automated macro’s. In this way all information will efficiently be organized, evaluated and corrected since deviations will be detected directly by the software. The data will be presented in a comprehensive dashboard instantly highlighting key measurement insights, like % share of shelf, # OOS, # OOD, etc.

POS Interview
In addition to objective data gathering auditors are trained to simultaneously conduct a retailer interview. In this way qualitative insights, expectations and observations of the entrepreneur or store manager can be captured.

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