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Coca Cola

Coca-Cola Enterprise Europe (CCEP) en Brandwise collaborate to conduct merchandising activities. On an ongoing base Brandwise delivers supportive flexible merchandising activities in the food channel.

On a regular frequency CCEP and Brandwise examine the CCEP’s detailed merchandising planning and needs to assess when and where CCEP would like to make use of the flexible Brandwise merchandiser pool. Depending on the calendar Brandwise can be an temporary extension to the CCEP field force or provide self-standing merchandising drives independently.

The flexible merchandising service set-up gives CCEP the opportunity to speed-up the realization of large-scale projects or free-up the own field force to focus on other priorities. Brandwise delivers tailor-made solutions and has the knowledge and expertise to independently fully deploy merchandising projects.

Since flexible merchandising support is provided via a fixed field staffing pool CCEP can count on a high level of expertise. The Brandwise merchandisers are an effective extension of the CCEP field force since they are completely familiar with the tasks to be done, the way of working and the retail environment.

For self-standing projects merchandisers are familiar with all requirements to inject the right quality. This ensures a completely independent and qualitative Brandwise working methodology to fully service CCEP.

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