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Since years Brandwise hostesses are the face of the International Broadcasting Convention, better known as IBC. This is an annual conference and fair for professionals who create, maintain and deliver electronical media and entertainment. The conference takes place in the Amsterdam RAI.

During 5-days 55,000 professionals and 1600 other visitors are welcomed by Brandwise staff consisting of check-in hostesses, information personell, hostesses and supervisors. Their dedicated services will ensure all visitors and participants from more than 170 countries will easily find their way to all innovations in the newest (technological) developments in electronical media and entertainment.

Responsive Hospitality
Every RAI fair starts with a sophisticated planning for all hostesses in their different roles. Since visitor streams cannot fully be predicted upfront and always are different than foreseen, instant adjustments in planning, space management and response to unexpected developments are required.

Brandwise on Site Projectmanagement will fully take care that qualitative hospitality will be effectuated efficiently. Ongoing visitor stream monitoring will take place at selected inventory points followed by dynamic personnel planning suiting the occasion.

Project manager presence ensures instant adjustments in room coverage. In case workshops, presentations or organized gatherings are being moved, cancelled or postponed the room hostess planning can be adjusted on the spot. This ensures flexibility to maximally service fair organizer needs while ensuring hospitality quality.

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