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Le Brutal, the extremely sour tasting portfolio of Napoleon sweets targets a young audience, aged 15-25. To introduce its distinctive taste the target audience can try and experience the outspoken product character of Le Brutal.

To maximally concentrate target audience reach Brandwise developed a special approach: Le Brutal All Day Long Mobility. A dynamic deployment set-up in which the audience is followed flexibly throughout the ever changing day rhythm.

Le Brutal All Day Long Mobility follows the audience closely. In the morning Mobile Brutal units are placed everywhere in The Netherlands like at bus and railway stations. Later in the morning the mobile units are moved to school locations, including high schools, colleges and universities. At the end of the day the units are present at recreational area’s like terraces, parks, etc.

Exclusively available at Albert Heijn
Le Brutal van Napoleon is exclusively available at Albert Heijn food retail. To stimulate direct conversation every sample is accompanied with a discount voucher. This ensures the sampling activity is not only limited to establishing effective direct trial but also provides insights in effective purchase measurement.

In short, a Brutal Effect voor Le Brutal!

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